2015, February
#interaction #sneaker #workshop
We had one week to discover the Adobe’s Software After Effects and
to realize an interactive advertising campaign for a client/product of our choice.
So we’ve chosen the Flash products from Nike.
We wanted to make a simple, declinable and playful interaction
between the user and the media. In the same time, we wanted to
show directly what the products are looking like in the dark.
We decided to create an experience where the people who’re passing by are
stopping and interacting with the screen. The persons would be able to control the progress
of the animation  which is accorded to their position in front of the screen.
Due to the short time window to realise the project, we’ve chosen
one pair of shoes to create a strong unity for the final result.
A few months later, we tried to get some time to imagine a promotional
website for this advertising campaign in the same spirit as the video.
What about some motion detection with the Kinect API
and some sweet Javascript ? More to follow…
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